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Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by Serena Baker (Paperback)

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Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Keto Bread Machine Cookbook - by  Serena Baker (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 142
Genre: Cooking + Food + Wine
Sub-Genre: Courses & Dishes
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ep Enterprise Holding Limited
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Bread
Author: Serena Baker
Language: English

Book Synopsis

If you are on the keto diet and want to the pillowy softness of delicious, fresh-baked loaves and without worrying adding extra pounds and harming your waistline, then keep reading...

Are you currently on the keto diet, but miss bread, baked goods, pastries, and other carby treats? Do you want to learn how to bake your own scrumptious loaves without having to deal with the mess or spend countless hours in the kitchen?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this cookbook might be what you need.

In this guide, you're going to discover how to literally eat your cake and have it. You'll discover how to use the versatile bread machine to bake and enjoy the fluffy goodness of a healthy loaf of bread while staying on track with the keto lifestyle.

Among the value-packed insights contained in Keto Bread Machine Cookbook, you're going to learn:

  • The subtle difference between a ketogenic diet and a low-carb diet
  • 9 surefire tips to help you achieve your health goals on your keto journey
  • 8 beneficial and healthy reasons why you should begin using a bread machine today
  • 12 FAQs about the ketogenic lifestyle with definitive answers
  • The ultimate grocery shopping list of keto-friendly bread-baking ingredients
  • The only 3 tools you're going to need besides the bread machine to bake up a healthy storm in your kitchen
  • How to program your bread machine to deliver the best quality bread for your unique needs as well as settings for gluten-free, whole grain, sweetbreads and more
  • Failsafe ways to store your dough for future use and keep your baked loaf fresh for as long as possible
  • Common beginner baking mistakes users make with the bread machine and how to avoid them
  • 50 mouthwatering keto bread recipes that are ridiculously easy to prepare
  • ...and tons more!

Whether you're simply looking for tips to help you eat healthier or you really want to adopt the keto lifestyle without having to sacrifice your sweet tooth or give up your sugar cravings, this guide will furnish you with everything you need to bake zero- carb loaves that are perfectly healthy and delicious.

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