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Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by Tess Connors (Paperback)

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Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Keto Diet for Women After 50 - by  Tess Connors (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 116
Genre: Health + Wellness
Sub-Genre: Women's Health
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hubio Ltd
Age Range: Adult
Author: Tess Connors
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Take advantage of the 55% discount that is reserved for you!

Want To Lose Weight, Feel Healthier, and Happier While Enjoying Your Favorite Food? Then Read-Along And Learn How a Simple Diet Book Can Transform Your Life!

Although technology has greatly advanced, scientists have not yet discovered how to reverse aging. The processes that take place in the human body begin to alter with time - the metabolism slows down, you are more susceptible to injuries, skin changes appear, brain function weakens, hormonal imbalances may occur...

And the list continues...

Being this vulnerable and susceptible to health-related risks, the importance of correctly taking care of ourselves could not be stressed enough.

Here, what we can actually control is Food. It is not only What we feed our body with, but How we do it as well. Eventually, bouncing back and forth from one diet to another, giving little to no result, probably would not do the trick and help you much in the long run...

Luckily, all these challenges and topics are addressed and thoroughly explained within the pages of This Powerful Ketogenic Guide - Offering YOU a Diet That Delivers Results!

Should You Decide To Give It A Try, The Benefits You Are About To Receive Are Countless! Above all else, You Will Drop The Extra Fat While Boosting Your Metabolism Rates, Improve Quality of Sleep and Increase Physical and Mental Energy - Key Components of a Healthy Lifestyle Only For Starters!

After going through This Keto Manual, you will:

  • Learn How The Keto Diet Will Help You Live Easier After 50 while feeling energetic as a teenager (and drink from the fountain of youth)
  • Benefit from a Detailed 21-Day Meal Plan that will guide you through every single step of this new adventure (the number 21 equals the number of days needed to get comfortable with your new lifestyle)
  • Achieve Your Goals and Get Rid of Unnecessary Fat without giving up on dishes you love the most (201 delicious recipes for you to replicate the flavorsome scents and tastes in your kitchen)
  • Experience Improved State of Health because the keto eating regimen not only protects, but will drastically reduce any symptoms of menopause (it decreases the chances of type 2 diabetes, decreases inflammation in the body, and other unwanted events)
  • Find Out The Useful and Harmful Foods For A Keto Diet and always make the right choice (do better where others tend to fail)
  • And So Much More!...

It might take a while till you are fully in line with your new habits, but...

Once you notice results while being full of inspirational energy, you will get to enjoy your new way of living - no doubt about that. By lowering the carbohydrates (one of the principles of the Keto diet), you will lower insulin levels and balance hormones in little to no time, while getting rid of Stubborn Belly Fat!

Want To See These Change Yourself...?

... Order Your Copy and Enjoy Your Senior Years To The Fullest!

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