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Taelo - by Ron Mueller (Paperback)

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Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Taelo - by  Ron Mueller (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 344
Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres
Sub-Genre: Action & Adventure
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Around the World Publishing LLC
Age Range: Adult
Author: Ron Mueller
Language: English

Book Synopsis

The Giant Oaks and Maple created an almost continuous canopy. Rays of the sun illuminated the forest floor to show the mix of yellow, red, and orange flowers and the blackberries still green but heavy in numbers all growing and competing for the precious rays. A pair of giant ferocious looking animals, animals that he had never before seen pulled branches covered with new green leaves and brought them to their mouths.

A roar caused the team to turn and face a set of lionesses and their young.

Turn, and he realized he was on some animal that he had never known before.

It was a strange and glorious dream.

He knew it as a message from the Ancients and they were calling for him to act.

It was time for him to make a journey of discovery. This journey would take him as far east as he could go.

The enthusiasm of his team to go on such and adventure caused him to act.

He goes to his mother, White Swan, member of the council of Elk Clan elders, and asks for and receives her support.

The team prepares, he meets with Broken Spear and receives his guidance. Broken Spear warns of grave dangers to Taelo, Saber Scar, Feather in the Wind and Golden Hawk. I each case swift dangerous action must be taken if each is to survive.

Taelo leads the team to the Eastern Elk clan. In the dead of winter, they hunt the buffalo and deliver a gift to the that clan. They rescue the clan hunters from a pack of Dire wolves. Feather in the Wind and Running Stag distinguish themselves when the team rescues the clan hunters from a pack of Dire wolves.

The team left their sled wolves and only Lasher, Taelo's wolf and Brave Walker, Feather in the Wind's wolf and Arrow, Running Stag's wolf accompany them.

Their first discovery is that of an animal they name the mount. Taelo recognizes this as the animal identified by Broken Spear to be an animal that each person rides and also pulls the travois.

Taelo is the first to experience a near death experience. He converses with the ancients. They tell him it is not, yet his time and he must fight to get back to the light. They show him a future where he has two sons and travels for many moons. He is to meet another person, also named after the eagle but of a very different race.

A giant lion threatens the death of Saber Scar and Feather in the Wind. They survive because of their bravery and team work.

The team arrives at the sea. There Golden Hawk faces death.

The team heads south to another sea and find a new monster.

Their journey and return are captured on a hide where Quiet Rabbit and Busy Bee have documented their journey. They are able to use their document to guide the team the place they call Paradise.

They return to the fall Elk Clan Gathering, very prosperous and with a gift of a mount for each leader

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