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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by Julia Chandie (Paperback)

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan - by  Julia Chandie (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 234
Genre: Cooking + Food + Wine
Sub-Genre: General
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Julia Chandie
Age Range: Adult
Author: Julia Chandie
Language: English

Book Synopsis

Do you want to improve your lifestyle through a healthy diet? If yes, then keep reading!

Everyone has a different diet. Our body system can be influenced by our attitude and the food we consume. Nutritional elements our body craves have to be qualified ones because it is the base of all our bodies' working systems. The immune system is the most important one, which is made of some main principles, and all of them should be adequately taken care of. If our immune system is treated poorly, all types of infections and antibodies can invade our organism. That's why when the acute inflammation isn't being treated properly, it leads to a chronic, more deepened and more dangerous inflammation.

Due to the anti-inflammatory diet, our body can be healed naturally, in a proper way, with almost no effort, because at the end of the day we eat something.

To help you in your anti-inflammatory diet, this book contains recipes for:

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Salads And Soups

- Drinks And Smoothies

- Sauces, Condiments, And Dressing

And so much more!

The advantages that have been discovered through many experiences, trials, and researches prove that this diet keeps away from foods that can bring allergies, many antibodies and strange agents are not able to invade our body. Healthy foods that have an immense amount of powerful nutritional elements should be added to our everyday regimen.

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Review Quotes

I purchased the The Anti-Inflammatory Diet And Action Plan: The Complete Guide For Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet With 150 Recipes And A 4-Week Meal Plan Paperback - August 6, 2020 because I have severe inflammatory issues. I am so thrilled with this book. First of all, thou paperback is a large size making it much easier to read and handle. It gives great information and it explains, in detail, the different type of inflammatory issues you could be facing and exactly what they are. It gives tons of great, all natural, recipes that are so healthy. I have already tried 3 of them and loved them all. It provides a 4 week diet to follow. Lots of pictures to explain. I am so happy I bought this book with explanations, recipes, and pictures is healthy and can be used by so many.- lawlf

This book starts off with explaining what inflammation is, also the two types of it.This book goes into great detail about the different types of health conditions associated with inflammation .It lists the foods to avoid and what to actually eat to help . Love all the recipes and the four week plan. Will definitely be using this book . Loved how it told you how to make your own condiments.- Teresa rutrought

I am really enjoying this cookbook because it's everything I want and need to encourage a healthier diet. It is very easy to follow and although I don't exactly need it, the font is larger than typical, so it's easy on the eyes. The recipes are relatively simple and use ingredients that are accessible. The directions are easy to follow and even though it's not one of the main points, the recipes generally come together quickly. The nutrition facts are included as well as pictures. As far as a healthy cookbook goes, this is everything I could ask for.- Hor Yan

The bulk of this book is made up of delicious recipes. My favorite so far is the spinach chips! Toward the end it gives a weekly meal plan for four weeks and explains the best ways to get your anti-inflammatory vitamins (B, E, C, K)

I found this book highly useful as I have problems with chronically high SED rate.- Chastine

You have to understand that when they say what we eat is who we are, it's not a joke. Food stays in our system for a very long time and while it's there so many good and bad ingredients can seep into our systems. That is why it would be more beneficial to cook recipes where the benefits out weigh the damages. These recipes provide you with foods that help with inflammation and certain processes. I would recommend it 100 percent!- Paula Santiago

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