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The Madonna of Notre Dame - by Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)

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The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
The Madonna of Notre Dame - by  Alexis Ragougneau (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 183
Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres
Sub-Genre: Mystery & Detective
Format: Paperback
Publisher: New Vessel Press
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Police Procedural
Author: Alexis Ragougneau
Language: English

About the Book

This police novel illuminates the shadowy corners of Notre Dame Cathedral, shedding light on good and evil with wry humor.

Book Synopsis

Fifty thousand believers and photo-hungry tourists jam into Notre Dame Cathedral on August 15 to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. The next morning, a stunningly beautiful young woman clothed all in white kneels at prayer in a cathedral side chapel. But when an American tourist accidentally bumps against her, her body collapses. She has been murdered: the autopsy reveals disturbing details. Police investigators and priests search for the killer as they discover other truths about guilt and redemption in this soaring Paris refuge for the lost, the damned, and the saved. The suspect is a disturbed young man obsessed with the Virgin Mary who spends his days hallucinating in front of a Madonna. But someone else knows the true killer of the white-clad daughter of Algerian immigrants. This thrilling novel illuminates shadowy corners of the world's most famous cathedral, shedding light on good and evil with suspense, compassion and wry humor.

Review Quotes

A twisted and riveting story ... highly original.--The Toronto Star

"A compelling whodunit ... The winner here is not just Ragougneau, but all readers in search of energetic, original crime novels. The Madonna of Notre Dame maintains the notion that good still conquers evil."--Foreword Reviews

Sharp as a razor, witty and really exciting ... A classic French noir, features portents and fateful events, humour and darkness side by side, pacey action and snappy dialogue. A great read.--Nudge-Book

Arresting ... The devastating truth proves that the line between good and evil isn't always clear.--Publishers Weekly

"Thrilling until the last page, an unforgettable investigator, real life characters: The French crime novel has found its new pope."--RTL Television

"Alexis Ragouneau demonstrates indisputable talent and promise as a crime writer and novelist."--Le Point

"With vigorous writing, Alexis Ragougneau sweeps us away on a high-flying investigation."--Le Monde

"The investigation delves into the painful pasts of the protagonists, taking us behind masks and appearances, oscillating between light and darkness. The style is racy, the humor subtle."--Télérama

Impeccable drama and the characters are first-rate.--L'Express

About the Author

Alexis Ragougneau is a playwright and The Madonna of Notre Dame is his first novel. He has worked in Notre Dame Cathedral helping monitor the tourist crowds and knows well its infinite secrets and the forgotten souls who linger in its darkest corners.

Katherine Gregor has translated works by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Andrea Japp, Luigi Pirandello, Carlo Goldoni and Alexander Pushkin.

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