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Tourette Syndrome - by Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)

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Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Tourette Syndrome - by  Sheila Rogers Demare (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 200
Genre: Health + Wellness
Sub-Genre: Diseases
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Nervous System (incl. Brain)
Author: Sheila Rogers Demare
Language: English

Book Synopsis

From the bestselling author of Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's, an unflinching case is made for a new paradigm in the treatment of Tourette syndrome.

For more than 40 years, the status quo has blindly endorsed the concept that genetics are the overwhelming and intractable cause of Tourette's. The public is taught that little can be done to improve symptoms without the use of strong medications.

"Tics just happen. Tourette's is genetic. Sometimes symptoms will be better, sometimes worse. Tics wax and wane-we don't know why. It is a mystery!"

Or so they say.

In this book, the mainstream approach to Tourette syndrome is uprooted by reports from the tic community itself. The reader is shown the startling truth that answers to tics may be hiding in plain sight.

The incidence of tic disorders has spiked over the past 20 years, with estimates that 1 in 100 now have Tourette syndrome-a condition that used to be rare.

One cause of this increase? Dietary, allergic, and toxic triggers-an area ignored by researchers in this field.

Ever since seeing her own child healed of Tourette syndrome more than 25 years ago, Sheila Rogers DeMare has dedicated herself to collecting and investigating worldwide reports of tic triggers, which she divides into eight types.

  1. Allergens
  2. Food and drink
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Medications
  5. Physical imbalances
  6. Sensory influences
  7. Toxins
  8. Weather

"Just as migraine and asthma conditions have symptom triggers, so do tics," Rogers Demare says. "Unfortunately, research has ignored this issue."

Compiling excerpts from articles, survey results, and testimonials received from her readers over the years, Sheila Rogers DeMare gives voice to the tic community.

The bottom line is clear:

Tourette syndrome is not just genetic, and avoiding your triggers can be life-changing.

Learn how to find your triggers.

Readers are offered a free resource webpage with access to downloadable trigger charts, logs, tips, and more.

Like so many others, my daughter is lucky to have had her life touched by Sheila Rogers DeMare's work. What a huge impact it has had on our family. Steeled by Sheila's information, I had the confidence to look for new answers to Tourette syndrome. My daughter is now doing very well and she knows what triggers her symptoms. I recommend this book to anyone dealing with tics. Kace Pence; London, England

As an integrative child and adolescent psychiatrist for 28 years, I have treated many struggling with tics and Tourette's, and find environmental and allergic triggers to be critical factors in helping these patients. The concepts outlined here are straightforward yet the clinical implications are profound. Environmental triggers and an understanding of nutritional deficiencies are tragically missed by many physicians treating these conditions. James Greenblatt, MD; Chief Medical Officer Walden Behavioral Care, Waltham, MA

Tourette Syndrome: Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them reflects the author's wealth of experience in this field. With a background in science, Sheila Rogers DeMare provides invaluable advice and practical options. She brings her talents, wisdom, and compassion to the search for solutions to a range of tic symptoms. Kudos! Jane Hersey; National Director, Feingold Association of the United States

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