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Wicca Starter Kit - by Gemma Foster (Paperback)

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Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Wicca Starter Kit - by  Gemma Foster (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 126
Genre: Body + Mind + Spirit
Sub-Genre: Witchcraft (see also RELIGION
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Book Loop Ltd
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Wicca)
Author: Gemma Foster
Language: English

Book Synopsis

The essential guide for a beginner, this book bundle contains 5 MANUSCRIPTS

✓ Wicca for Beginners

✓ Practical Book of Spell

✓ Wicca Herbal Medicine

✓ Wicca Candle

✓ Wicca Crystal Magic

This book offers a rounded and thorough guide for every beginner who wants to understand Wicca's rudiments and want a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Nature is a very crucial foundation for any Wiccan and through the use of herbal magic, a Wiccan can enjoy true empowerment. Imagine being able to make your medicine using natural herbal ingredients, you become free from the hold of tyranny and monopoly of processed drugs.

They promote the notion of 'Would you rather take herbal concoctions or take 'clean' processed drugs' having termed herbal medicine as unclean and unsophisticated.

Here is what you will find:

- Origin, gods, and history of Wiccan beliefs and traditions

- A tested step-by-step guide on how to cast spells with the necessary elements

- Some basic spells for love, protection and healing that you can use right now with a list of common mistakes for beginners and a list of precious advice

- How to make your own drugs and empower yourself using herbal magic and 5 rare herbs

- Why should use herbs, main herbs types and where to buy them

- What is a ritual, how to make it and the meaning of it

- The wheel of the year, elements and quarters

- Book of shadow

- Wicca altar, all you need to know

- 6 simple ways to use a crystal to cast spells and for rituals

- How to make your Wiccan altar and the meaning behind it

- step-by-step guide for candle magic with examples

- How to make your own Book of shadows and how to use it effectively with no experience

- A detailed guide on how to work with oils & tinctures and how to get them.

- How crystal magic influences your life

All you read until now is only a little part of what you'll find.

Spells can be cast for the purpose of love, protection, improvement, or empowerment. For whatever reason a spell is cast, it is important to connect your faith with your inner magic, this bundle teaches you how.

Get yourself a copy of this book, right now and become a master at Wiccan art.

Enjoy the journey!

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